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Mango, Pulses, Tomato, Castor, Sesame, Soyabean, Garlic, Millet, Strawberry, Wheat, Grapes, Potato, Lemon, Capsicum, Cabbage/Cauliflower, Cotton, Sugarcane, Eggplant, Banana, Onion, Chilly, Rose, Rice, Mustard, Cucumbar, Watermelon, Maize/Corn, Psyllium, Cumin/Fennel/Ajwin, Guava, Groundnut, Tobaco, Tea, Coffee, Carrot, Peas, Beans, Papaya, etc and, many crops are being tested daily.


Immunocin can be used both for curative and preventive action. It can also be used at the germination stage to reduce the time between the germination and the seedling was of plant. In groundnut Immunocin was sprayed on the seeds duringgermination and the seedling was observed on the 11th day as compared to 21st day observed earlier. It is advisable to spray Immunocin for preventive purpose every 15-20 days. For best results mix the concentrate in water and take a foliar spray where particle size is not more than 4 microns (foggy spray) and do not water the plant for upto 48 hours after the spray. Observations from the pilot run conducted throughout India have shown that for maximum efficiency spray sholud be taken between 6am to 9am in the morning before the sun is overhead.