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Organic bactericide and fungicide which builds plant's resistence againts all pathologic fungi

Immunocin also builds special strength againts the following genus - Alternaria, Blumeriella, Botryosphaeria, Botrytis, Cercospora, Curvularia, Ervinia, Erysiphe, Exobasidium, Fusarium, Helminthosporium, Hemileia, Leptosphaera, Monilinia, Mycena, Mycosphaerella, Phakospora, Podpsphaera, Psudomonas, Puccinia, Pyrenopeziza, Pyrenophora, Rhizoctonia, Rhynchosporium, Sclerotium, Septoria, Uncinula, Venturia, Xenththomonas, ets

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Organic plant flowering regulator which helps reduce enviornmental stress on plants

Bloom Flower is absorbed by the plant tissues whereby it is broken down into naturally occurring compounds, which baalnces the endogenous plant hormones to include flowering and decrease te senescenes of flower. It has been successfully tried in a wide range of crops and has given excellent results, in some cases the farmers have achieved almost 100% increase in their existing yield.

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low concentration formula for gardens also proven effective on hydroponics,aeroponics,and passive hydroponics

Boom Flower Indoor is a low concentration formula of our revolutionary products which can be mixed 1 litre of water ad sprayed on 50 indoor plants.

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